1. We pull dollars out of your U.S. bank account
  2. We convert those dollars local currency
  3. We pay the bills you ask us to pay.

(We have your bills sent to our local office so we know how much to deduct from your account.)

Yes. E-Z Pay is authorized to use the U.S. banking system to withdraw/deposit money from/to your account. You are protected by U.S. law against unauthorized withdrawals from your account.

We charge a flat fee of 500 yen/mo. for your Rent and all associated bills.

You can visit us at our Okinawa or Yokosuka office to sign up for our service. Additionally, you can call or email us and we can work with you to gather all requirements via phone and email.
Please bring the items listed below when you come in.
• Photo ID
• Proof of bank information – voided check or bank statement with your name and account number.
• Lease Agreement
• Current bills or paid receipts of old bills (helpful, but not necessary)

A typical sign-up only takes about 15 minutes.

Please send an email to info@go2ezpay and one of our staff will send you a secure application form. Please be sure to include contact information so we can call you if we need more information. You can also call us direct at our Okinawa or Yokosuka office.

An official Power of Attorney is required for a third party to sign a contract for you unless they are a joint bank account holder with you. Proof of joint account ownership is required.


E-Z Pay requires 3 business days to process your contract.
Please sign up at least 3-4 business days before the payday from which you would like to start our payment service.

E-Z Pay normally makes withdrawals on the 1st and 15th of the month (military paydays stateside time.) There are some exceptions. We may be able to set an alternate date (with fee) for you. Please contact us for details.

Every withdraw cycle invoice statements will be e-mailed out detailing your bills in Yen and the current USD exchange rate. After account deduction is confirmed, a PAID receipt will be sent to you via email. Please contact us any time if you need a current status of your outstanding bills that will be due for deduction.


Contact us as soon as you know your move out date. We will assist you in canceling your service and off base bills.